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What is The Triangle?

An entirely student-run quarterly newspaper that seeks to communicate with and on behalf of Judson College students.

Why is it called “The Triangle”?

Since 1880, the triangle has been a symbol of Judson College. More specifically, there was a man, fondly called “Uncle Abe,” who used to ring a triangle-shaped bell, thus sounding the alarm to call Judson women to breakfast in order to start the school day.

The Triangle has since, in its many different forms over the years dating all the back to 1924, sought to awaken the mind, body, and spirit of the campus community. The motto, In Trinatate Rohur, means: “In threefold strength,” a Latin phrase that signifies that strength Judson College receives from its faculty, students, and alumnae.

How do I become involved?

Please contact one of the student editors or the faculty advisor, Professor Shubert. We welcome students to submit news ideas, stories, photographs, cartoons, advertisements, letters to the editor, and more!

How is The Triangle created?

In conjunction with a design team from Professor Tisdale’s web design course, the student editors created a Wordpress themed extension of the Judson College website, as well as produce a quarterly print-version through the auspices of the website www.makemynewspaper.com.

Do I have to declare a journalism minor to join staff?

No! We welcome freelancers from all backgrounds and academic interests to work for us. While the majority of the business of the paper is dealt with as part and parcel of the Journalism courses offered at Judson, we are always looking for more hands on deck!

Contact information

Spot an error? Have a bone to pick with a particular article? Have an advertisement you want to run in our next issue? Want to join staff? Pitch us your story ideas, letters, ads, or photographs at thetriangleonline@gmail.com.