Dear Anne Curt-ly: Possessed Plumbing

Dear Anne Curt-ly,

 I am currently living on campus in the WMU dorm, and I am having a major problem with my shower. I’ll be standing there just trying to shampoo my hair, and then all of a sudden my shower water will turn either SUPER hot or SUPER cold, and there’s no in-between! I’ll have to stand there and wait until my shower decides to act right again. Do you know why this is happening? Are you just messing with us?


Suds n’ Duds


Dear Anne Curt-ly

Dear Suds n’ Duds,

I must first clarify that as I am a ghost, showers are not an immediate necessity for me, so frankly, it’s been a few decades since my last one. Therefore, unfortunately, I cannot help very much with the understanding of plumbing and whatnot. However, I can assure you that although I’m flattered that I’m the first person that came to mind in your dealings with this phenomenon, the WMU dorms aren’t my favorite places to roam. I rarely go past the elevator–I prefer checking in on the freshmen. I find it pleasantly amusing to take their signs and tapestries off the wall when they aren’t looking. If you’d prefer, I could ask a few of my phantom companions if they are the culprits of the calamity. Perhaps inquiry is key to the incident.

…. Or, perhaps it would be more timely to put in a maintenance request.


Anne Curt-ly


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