Writing Center Upgrades in Comfort

by Grace Terry

Judson’s Writing Center has returned with a fully updated room and new staff. Its new homey appearance, complete with a decorative rug, wall tapestry, and corner desk, invites students to enter and discuss their works with members of the Writing Center team.

Chasely Matmanivong now works as the head of the student staff, training new employees in order to maintain performance. This team of members includes seniors Kassidy Giles and Grace Terry, and Jr-Sophs Lela Ball and Madilyn Peters, who have begun journeying with other students through the editorial process for various papers.

Employees now can work in a space designed to bring more comfort to not only themselves, but also visiting students who seek peer feedback on papers. The goal of the 2019-2020 Writing Center is to provide a welcoming atmosphere and to maintain its performance.

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