Get Connected with Student Activities

by Trinity Littleton

Attending college will eventually lead to a job that will enable you to succeed, but college can be so much more than sitting and listening to lectures! Joining a campus social or academic organization is one of the best ways to make the most of your experience. Getting involved eases the transition from high school to college. Here are a few reasons why you should consider being engaged on campus.

Making Connections. A degree will qualify you for a job, but the connections you have are just as important. Judson College provides you with the perfect opportunity to build relationships with other women who could potentially help you land a job you may not have been able to reach as easily without their positive feedback.

Jr-Soph class president Anna Johnson stated that her RA (Resident Assistant) was like a mentor to her, and the relationship they formed and leadership qualities Anna developed inspired her to become one herself. Anna began building connections with the girls on Kirtley’s second floor during the summer. She went the extra mile to reach out to them individually and help make their transition into dorm life a little bit easier. “It takes intentional effort and a willingness to get to know people and meet them where they are. It’s easier to maintain relationships when you try to build them before everyone arrives,” Anna said.

Community. At some point you will begin to refer to your college campus as your home. But making campus home doesn’t happen overnight! You must put effort into creating a community for yourself. Judson provides ways to get involved in clubs and meet people you may not have met when sticking to your everyday schedule.

Morgan Rittenhouse, president of the Athletic Board, encourages athletes and non-athletes to consider joining A-Board if they are looking to serve others in very small ways. The main purpose of A-Board is working together to create an environment for athletes to receive support and help games run as smoothly as possible. Whether it’s keeping score, chasing soccer balls, creating signs or cleaning up after games, there are many options for you to choose from to serve our athletic program. “We’re all just students who care about our athletes and want to help. Everyone holds the ability to do it, we just want/need to find the ones who are committed enough to follow through,” Morgan says when describing A-Board from her perspective.

Discovering New Interest. Taking a risk and joining a club can oftentimes result in reward. Finding new passions, strengths and talents can only happen if you choose to step out of your comfort zone. If you are undecided, this is one way to potentially find your career path and the experience you gain could be enough to lead you in unexpected directions.

Jordan Hooks, president of the Spanish Club, gives an interesting statement that sums up this reason to get involved almost perfectly. “The purpose in Spanish Club is to give students more opportunities to learn about culture and language outside of the classroom. There have been events such as movie nights, celebrating Día de los Muertos, and making piñatas for Treats on Bibb Street, just to name a few. This semester we are also participating in Hispanic Heritage month. Anyone is welcome to join even if they aren’t a Spanish major/minor; we don’t speak Spanish at meetings so don’t feel pressured there,” Jordan states. She would like to encourage anyone with the slightest interest in the Spanish department to consider listening to her story on why she chooses to be more involved in her major this way and what she loves about it.

Below is a list of all the clubs and organizations on campus for you to get involved in! Attending one or two meetings doesn’t automatically force you to become a member, so don’t hesitate to stop by, sit in on a meeting, and ask questions. Make sure to get detailed information on how flexible their schedule is, and what each specific club is participating in before you make any commitments.

Academic Department Organizations

Art Club / Business Club / History Club / Psychology Club / Science Club / Social Work Club / Spanish Club / Nursing Club / Equine Club / Scrimshaw

Academic Honor Societies

Alpha Phi Sigma / Beta Beta Beta / Delta Omicron / Kappa Delta Epsilon / Phi Alpha Theta / Sigma Beta Delta / Sigma Tau Delta

Service Organizations

Faith-Based Service Learning / SGA / Campus Ministries / LAMP / Ambassador / Social Committee / Honor Council / A-Board


Triangle / Conversationalist / Freshman Class / Junior-Soph Class / Senior Class / Resident Assistants

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