Pop-In Night

Who doesn’t love candy during Halloween? This tradition is quite a “treat” for all the upperclassmen at Judson. Every year, the upperclassmen get the chance to dress up and go trick-or-treating in Kirtley, the freshmen dorm. Each Judson “family” chooses a theme and dresses up as different characters to match that theme. We’ve seen everything from the Addams Family, to the Avengers, to the many faces of Johnny Depp, to the Powerpuff Girls. The Junior-Sophs are usually the ones who choose their family’s theme, and the exciting part is when the freshmen join in on the dressing up and decorations! The freshmen are, of course, compensated for their candy dispension; many families give out signs* to each freshman that participates in the tradition.

 After the trick-or-treating, the Student Life staff hosts a small party in Kirtley for all of the Judson girls to congregate and spend time with one another. Unlike most traditions, Pop-In Night can be opted out of, but why would you want to miss out on all the tricks and treats that come with such a haunting night?

 *See the JCD for an explanation on signs

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