Look How Far We’ve Come

When we last left off, the different clubs around campus were just getting started with getting new members to join and reconnecting with old members to grow from previous semesters, but look where they are now. As the new semester begins, we see the clubs coming together and planning big things for the future. So now let’s get connected once more shall we.

The Psychology club has been newly energized and has been improving from last semester. According to Kris Bradley, the Psychology club president, “The club is planning on taking a couple of fun trips, including a trip to Old Bryce Hospital museum in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and is wanting to get permission to go see a movie in theaters that will be coming out soon, that will please the mind of anyone, psychology major or not.”  In addition to the trips, the Psychology club also got a new sponsor—Evan Kennedy.

It’s a fun time to be a part of the English club, because according to the president Arienne Borowski, the English club has been doing a lot of exciting, new things since starting the New Year and will continue to improve. The club got some new officers, Kate Wright is the vice president, Marissa McNamara is in charge of the marketing aspect of the club, freshman Kaitlyn Smith is the new treasurer, and Kris Bradley is the secretary and is also planning on taking over the president position after Borowski graduates.  “We are taking trips to the book store As Time Goes By, writing letters of encouragement to anyone who needs them, and as a way to help Bradley get more involved and comfortable with the President position, she is working on a project where we will host a Regency Ball here at Judson in the parlors.”

Some other activities that the English club has been working on include partnering with the History club and Business club, as well as other student who tagged along when they traveled to the Renaissance Faire in Florence, Alabama. They had a booth set up at Treats on Bibb. They also had a marble mug fundraiser. The club is also sponsoring updates to the Writing Center, “As a tutor in the writing center, I would like to paint the walls to make them look more upbeat and more exciting and appealing to look at. I sit in there for a couple of hours and it can get a little boring, so I believe that these new updates will not only have an effect on the other tutors, but also as well as the other people who come in.”

The Drama club is taking a small break this year with their activities for this semester. “Since I am getting more involved with traditions and more with school things, I really do not have a lot of time to plan new things, but once I get more settled with my school work, we will have more meetings and discuss what we are planning to do,” President Kassidy Giles told me. The club also has some new officers this year. Lela Ball has taken over the role as treasurer, Sarah Combs is the new secretary, and the new position of Chaplain is held by Anna Mag Reynolds.

The History club is also on a small break as they are trying to regroup and figure out what they are going to do. According to Sierra Driver, the secretary of the club, “We were planning on holding a conference here at Judson for our Phi Alpha Theta, but since Dr. Frazer is not doing well, we decided as a group that it would be better if we did not have it.” Maybe once everything gets situated, the History club will be back up and running, so fingers crossed.

It is nice to see how much Judson’s clubs have improved and are building on what they have done over the years. These clubs cannot wait to see their plans in the future, and maybe more clubs will form and become as successful as these have been.

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