Welcome to the Family: The Pink and Purple Penguicorns

by Bama Porter, Opinion Editor

When Camry Sturdivant told me that Big/Little was her favorite tradition and that I should be more excited, I took her advice with a grain of salt. So far, most of the traditions have been mildly interesting at best. Most of the traditions thus far have been meet and greets, chances for the freshmen to get to know the upperclassmen and the faculty. However, Camry was right—Big/Little is now my favorite tradition. Instead of  awkwardly standing around, I got a chance to engage with those who are now my new family.

Although many people do not put much effort into business casual days, this was different. We cared for our appearances almost as much as we did for President’s Reception. Our Big Sisters told us the family colors so we could look like our new family.

Although most of us already knew whom we were signing with, it was still exciting. We each waited patiently for our Big Sister’s name to be called so that we could be presented with our paintings and sign with her in the book. We were then escorted by her around the chapel to sit next to her.

After the signing ceremony, we went to dinner where each family had decorated a table for their family. My family’s table was covered in a black tablecloth, glitter, candy, toys, and lights. The food line was too long, so my family and I sat down at our table to wait.

As we waited, I played with the toys on the table. Rebecca revealed that there were more that her mother told her not to put on the table. Being the independent woman that Rebecca is, she did not listen. The toys that she brought out were noise makers

(the kind that look like a pair of lips) and toys that are slightly similar to sling shots. Rebecca soon learned why her mother warned her not to put these toys on the table. Her mother, Mrs. Karen, was my teacher in the second grade, so she knew how childish I could be. Although this may not have been the exact reason her mother warned her not to put the toys on the table, I am sure that it was a factor that she considered. I played with these toys more than anything because I am childish. I shot Shun, my Big, at least three times. I made the most annoying sounds with the noisemakers until I was lightheaded and needed to breathe.

Rebecca, my Grandbig, told me there was pie. I jumped up faster than Dean Winchester (a main character on the television show “Supernatural”) to get that pie because I love sweets. It was French silk pie, one of my top favorites. I did eat real food, macaroni and cheese and rolls, once the line got shorter.

When we were finished, we cleaned the tables and put them back in their original positions.

We went our separate ways to get into more comfortable clothes, and so I could put down my painting and my new craft box, courtesy of my Big. We met back up at Rebecca’s house to watch a movie. Although our family movie is “Mr. Popper’s Penguins,” we ended up watchingSurf’s Up.” I finally made it back to my room at about eleven that night.

Overall, this was a great tradition. I had fun getting to know my new family. At the end of the night, I was beat. I had work the next morning, and I knew that I was going to regret being up that late, but it was worth it. My new family and I hit it off, which is great because next year it will be up to me to make sure our family does not go extinct.

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