Judson’s Ladies in Red

On February 16, 2019, Judson College held another spring Preview Day for new and prospective students. Preview Day is always a fun time when girls can stay overnight and then the next day learn about Judson and go on tours of the campus. None of this would be possible without Judson’s lovely ladies in red, the Ambassadors.

Judson Ambassadors are a select group of students chosen to host girls on Preview Day, give tours, and go to conferences to represent Judson College.

Behind every great group of ladies is a leader, and the president of the ambassadors is none other than senior Samantha Queijsen. Queijsen has always had that leadership quality since she was in high school, “I wanted to become an ambassador because in high school, I was in a club called National Honor Society, and they were the ambassadors for the school and I wanted to continue the guidance I gave to underclassmen in high school into college. On top of that mindset, my big sister was currently the president of Ambassadors and she gave me that extra push to apply.”

Taking over this role for the past two years has really given her a lot of self-discipline and the maturity she needs as a woman, “because I do have a role I hold not only to perspectives and students, but to my fellow Ambassadors as well.”

It takes a lot of hard work to become one of these ladies in red, but trying to be the president takes even more hard work. To be the president a woman must have, 1. A leadership quality to take control of whatever is asked of her, 2. She must able to give tasks to her fellow ambassadors and also know their strengths and weaknesses, and lastly 3. She must be kind to her fellow members as well as the rest of the campus.

Ashlee Kendrick, sophomore here at Judson, is also a Judson College Ambassador.  Kendrick finds it to be a great honor to serve and represent her school with pride, along with her other fellow members. Her favorite part of Preview Day is just showing off the school she knows and loves.

“Preview Day is a time where future Judson women get to make the biggest decision of their life. I am just so happy to be a part of that time in their lives.”

Kendrick said she has some advice to give future girls looking to become ambassadors. “If you love Judson and want to tell everyone about it, then being an ambassador is the best thing for you,” she said.

Kassidy Giles is also a sophomore and an ambassador. “Talking about Mother Judson to the new students and making those connections with the Board of Governors and the other alumnae is really exciting to me,” Giles said, “I also like making a new connection with the new students, because I feel like I’m matchmaking for my littles.” Giles also has some advice for anyone interested in joining the ambassadors, “Just show your love for Judson and be willing to go out of your comfort zone and meet new people.”

Finally, senior Lorna Wikle, says. “The reason why I decided to become an ambassador was because of the excitement I had when I was a new student that I want to share that experience with new students.” Preview Day means a lot to Wikle.

“It’s a day to make those new connections, to make that first impression to help a student choose to come here or not, and also to give a chance to make my college shine.” Wikle’s advice for future ambassadors is to “go into it for the right reasons, for others, not just yourself.”

As we see these ladies in red, they really try their best to make a lasting impression on the new students who come and tour and to everyone who comes in contact with them.

“It’s a day to make those new connections, to make that first impression to help a student choose to come here or not, and also to give chance to make my college shine,” says Wikle.

If anyone wants to apply in the future, go talk to Dean Jones, sponsor of the Ambassadors in her office on the second floor of Jewett or email her at sjones@judson.edu.



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