What We Did on Our Break in NYC: A Report from SEND Mission Team

“I was also excited to hear how the Lord taught each person on the team something different and to hear the take a ways that each person had.

I hope that students will take the things they learned on the trip and use them in their everyday lives.” —Cynthia White

This year as part of our SEND (name inspired from the Bible verse Isaiah 6:8) spring break mission team, a group of Judson students and I went to New York City with the ultimate goal of loving and caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Under the leadership of our beloved Dean Susan Jones, Coach Cynthia White, Amy Butler, and Sarah Fowler, the team successfully served, communicated, and enjoyed time with people from NYC.  All 24 of us left the campus on March 10 and returned safely back on March 17.

Our team was divided into two groups: one, led by Dean Jones and Ms. Butler, served with the Let My People Go (LMPG) organization, and a second group, lead by Coach White and Sarah Fowler, served with the Urban Nation Outreach (UNO) group. While UNO groups mainly focused on teaching ESL (English as Second Language) and working together with Jackson Heights Community Church, the LMPG group addressed human trafficking by loving those most vulnerable and exploited people whom traffickers target. There were other students from three different colleges joining with the LMPG group, which equaled 45 students in total. Our week was spent as follows:

Saturday-March 10

Team SEND arrived safely at New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM) and had orientation regarding rules and regulations of NYSUM dorm.

Sunday- March 11

UNO team participated in the Jackson Height Community Church (JHCC) service, and LMPG team worshiped at Times Square Church.

Monday- March 12

UNO team worked in the South Asian Center (SAC) tutoring ESL, and LMPG team did a community needs assessment, which is “a process by which one practically learns how to understand and reach those most vulnerable in the local church and community to effectively proclaim and demonstrate the gospel” (LMPG website).

Tuesday- March 13

LMPG learned more about “Ending Modern-Day Slavery through the Marketplace” so that we could engage human trafficking at the demand level. We went out to many places that create a demand in NYC and asked store owners if their products were fair trade or slave free. Meanwhile, UNO group did a service project helping with Church Plant and kids’ ministry at JHCC.

Wednesday-March 14

UNO team had a tour of a nearby Mosque and did an Easter egg hunt at Hart Playground with JHCC members. LMPG team walked around the city and took time to talk and pray with vulnerable people, such as homeless people.

Thursday- March 15

LMPG’s last mission of the week was “Loving Those Vulnerable to Trafficking: At-Risk Youth.” We went to after-school programs such as Operation Exodus and Chinese Christians Herald Crusade where we helped with children’s homework. Meanwhile, the UNO group assisted in level 3 ESL and citizenship tutoring at SAC.

After four days of serving in different areas, 24 of us had a free day on Friday, March 16 to visit NYC. We left the city on March 17 and arrived safe and sound at Mother Judson.

Some UNO group members and ESL students.

Some UNO group members and ESL students.

Callie Donahue and her ESL student.
Callie Donahue and her ESL student.
LMPG group in the meeting room.
LMPG group in the meeting room.
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