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What do the Cahaba River, whalebone carvings & handbells have in common? These are all associated with student organizations on the Judson campus that any student can become involved in. Many varied groups and activities were represented at the SGA-sponsored Get Connected Event on Wednesday, September 13. These included:

The English Club holds several events each semester, including Austen-themed dances and a Dickensian dinner at Christmas. Judson also has a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) chapter led by the English club head, (Maegan) Fariss. For more information about how to become involved, contact her at

The Scrimshaw is a student-created magazine that is created each year. It features student stories, poetry, photography and artwork. With the advent of new technology in recent years, it can also incorporate audio and video creations. If you would like to make a submission or get involved in the process, contact Sara Jean Lane at slane@

The Triangle is Judson’s student-run newspaper. It covers all aspects of campus life and can always use photographers, graphic designers and freelance writers. To find out more, contact

Judson is home to three science groups at this time, and may be adding a fourth. There is an overall Science Club, Earth Team, which is ecologically focused, and the by-invitation biology honor society Beta Beta Beta, or Tri-Beta. There is the potential for a Chemistry Club in the near future as well. There are many opportunities within these groups, including partnering with the art club to work on the cabin on the Cahaba River, listening to speakers, planting trees at Perry Lakes Park, and participating in Treats on Bibb Street. Special note: Tri-Beta is exclusively for biology major/minors, and students with eligible GPA’s will receive an invitation next semester. If you are interested in any of these groups, contact Erin Brown at

There is a new group on campus: the Judson chapter of the American Collegiate Horsemen’s Association (ACHA). As this chapter is just getting started, this is a great time to become a part. The goal is to build leadership through equine-focused community service. For more information, visit or email Tiffany Pugh at

The Society is the name of the art club on campus, and they are producing some extremely creative pieces. They have fun events throughout the year, including several bake sales. For more info, contact Jewellyn Davis at

Delta Psi is Judson’s chapter of Delta Omicron, an international organization for music major/minors. Delta Psi members perform at community events and help act as hosts during recitals here at Judson. New members will be added in January. For more information, contact Kaitlyn Garrison at

The Business Club is reinventing itself this semester, and hopes to offer a variety of workshops on topics of interest to all students. These will include dressing professionally and filling out tax forms. They also serve great snacks at their meetings, so go check them out. Contact Shana Dupree at for details.

The Psychology Club is looking for new members. Two of most frequent activities include research through fun social experiments, and watching movies with psychological elements featured, such as “Inside Out.” The leadership is also open to new ideas for things to do. Send Amber Sutton at if you are interested.

The Judson Justice League is a relatively new organization that is dedicated to sparking an interest in what goes on in the various levels of the American justice system. Activities are still being planned, so contact Leah Boyd at as soon as possible.

The Athletic Board helps support the athletic teams in all possible ways and encourages school spirit. They accept all students, athletes and non-athletes alike, so contact Brianna Allen at today.

The Bowling Library is hosting a variety of book clubs this semester. If you would like to participate, email Ms. Abernathy at for a complete list.

This semester Amy Butler is the Faith Based Service Learning (FBSL) coordinator and Courtney Tindale is over Student Life. Amy helps students benefit the Marion community in ways that tie in with their interests. If you would like to serve, send her an email at Student Life oversees all the student groups/organizations as well as more informal events like movie nights at Lowder. If you think of something fun  that you think should happen, or you want to host something and get the whole campus involved, contact Courtney at

Unless otherwise noted, any student can become involved in these groups, regardless of their major or minor.


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